The History of the Haunt

Around every 31st of October, supernatural phenomena seem to occur in Torrance, CA.  Home to the Kage No Michi Ninjutsu clan, this martial arts studio, also known as a "dojo", seems to be visited by spirits from another realm. Strange noises, unexplained events, and even missing persons have been reported. Despite this fact, the location remains a hot-spot for thrill-seekers hoping to experience the supernatural around Halloween night by attempting to pass through this apparently haunted dojo.

Through extensive research, one possible explanation has been uncovered. Over 500 years ago, the clan of the Kage No Michi ninjas welcomed a weary traveler into their dojo. Unbeknownst to the Kage No Michi ninjas, their guest had loyalties to a rival clan. In the dead of night, the enemy ninja unbarred the gates of the dojo, allowing the rival clan to enter. The Kage No Michi warriors awoke to the screams of women and children in the blades of their assailants. Despite being ambushed and outnumbered, the Kage No Michi ninjas drove their enemies from the dojo... but many lives were lost. The handful that survived closed their doors to all outsiders. It wasn't until recently that the Kage No Michi ninjas began teaching their art to the public. However, it is said that around the anniversary of the massacre, the spirits of the fallen ninjas awaken to take their revenge on all unworthy trespassers on the dojo grounds.

Reality or fantasy? Find out for yourself, if you dare, but remember...

Vengeance Is Their Legacy!